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Air Curtains

Open Door Protection

The LDC Air Curtain uses a wall of forced air to let you open your doors to products, people and improved visibility while preventing blasts of cold air in winter and hot air in summer from affecting your employees, customers and HVAC costs.

  • SAVE on energy costs.
    • Keep in comfortable air
    • Improve air circulation to get more use from heated air caught in ceilings
  • IMPROVE working conditions and productivity
    • Control your indoor environment for comfort while doors and windows are open
    • Keep out dust, debris, insects and polluted air
  • PROTECT customers and product
    • Maintain a warm comfortable atmosphere for your customers
    • Move products in and out while conserving the temperatures they need

LDC’s Air Curtains are powerful, high performance units that are quiet, adjustable and easy to install in a variety of configurations to suit your needs.



  • Warehouse & Manufacturing Facilities
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Automotive Service Bays
  • Freezers
  • Retail Entrances
  • Drive-thru Pay Windows

Your LDC equipment will perform to your specifications and expectations, or better.

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