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Inflatable Seals

Inflatable Units for Your Dock

Reduce the pressure on your building walls while creating a tight, energy saving seal around trailers every time with LDC full range of inflatable dock seals.

Design: Ensures off-centre trailers, including those not spotted square to the opening, are sealed like they are perfectly aligned

Engineering: One-piece air bag construction, with a unique internal baffle to create a square faced design that maximizes contact area

Manufacturing: Available in a wide range of Vinyl or Hypalon fabrics.




  • SAVE money with reduced energy costs
  • IMPROVE working conditions by keeping out dirt, debris & insects
  • PROTECT product & personnel from harsh weather conditions
  • INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY with a safe & comfortable working environment
  • DURABLE Hi-Performance fabrics in a wide range of colours
  • CUSTOM sizes available to suit any loading dock specifications

Choose LDC for your loading dock equipment and get the protection of the best warranty in the business.  Your LDC equipment will perform to your specifications and expectations - or better.

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