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Designed and Engineered for Versatility, Manufactured to Last

Get more use from your existing facilities and create better environments for employees and customers withLoading Dock Company’s full line of industrial and commercial curtains and enclosures.

  • Transform your Workspace – Create temporary or permanent partitions, screens, doors and full enclosures quickly and easily with simple set-up, operation and teardown.
    • Separate environments while allowing easy access
    • Customized to your needs
  • Save Money – Reduce HVAC costs and create practical workspaces at a fraction of the cost of permanent renovations.
  • Improve Safety
    • Control chemical sprays, dust and airborne particles
    • Block welding sparks
    • Reduce noise and odours
    • Meet fire regulations

Quality & Durability

Your LDC Curtain or Enclosure is designed, engineered and built to superior standards so you can depend on getting the highest measure of performance and durability:

  • Tear Resistant
  • Prevents Moisture Damage
  • UV Protection
  • Resists Rot
  • Resists Most Chemicals

Your LDC equipment will perform to your specifications and expectations, or better.

Call 1-866-864-5265 or Contact an LDC specialist today for a No Charge, No Obligation consultation and take advantage of the LDC difference.
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