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Dock Seals


The best loading dock seals are the result of a combination of factors:

Versatile Designs – That fit every dock door size, every building configuration and every operational specification. LDC dock seals are customized to suit your specific needs

Tenacious Materials – Tear resistant, weather resistant, puncture resistant, abrasion resistant. It’s a tough job and LDC uses only top-grade materials to get it done – and look good too

Reliable Performance – From trouble-free installation, to remarkable dependability and durability, LDC dock seals bounce back every time, always ready for the next shipment


  • SAVE money with reduced energy costs
  • IMPROVE working conditions by keeping out dirt, debris & insects
  • PROTECT product & personnel from harsh weather conditions
  • INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY with a safe & comfortable working environment
  • DURABLE Hi-Performance fabrics in a wide range of colours
  • CUSTOM sizes available to suit any loading dock specifications

Your LDC equipment will perform to your specifications and expectations, or better.

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